John Lomeo stepping down after 24 years with Niagara Hospice

The Hospice and Palliative Care Group Board (HPCG) of Directors announced that John Lomeo, President & CEO will be stepping down effective July 31, 2024.

The Hospice and Palliative Care Group Board (HPCG) of Directors announced that John Lomeo, President & CEO will be stepping down effective July 31, 2024.

Lomeo joined the organization in 2000 and over the course of 24 years, established Niagara Hospice as a national leader in end of life care. He built Niagara Hospice House that became a model for other Hospices nationwide. He established complimentary businesses to support the mission of caring, such as Kalos Health and Liberty Home Care. In 2000, the organization was caring for 40 patients per day. In 2024, the organization is caring for over 1,200 patients throughout all the counties of WNY.

The HPCG provides administrative services to Niagara Hospice, Kalos Health, Liberty Home Care, Hospice of Orleans and The Niagara Hospice Alliance.

“It has been my honor and privilege to serve this organization and the community. Throughout my career, I have tried to make a difference in people’s lives, I hope that will be my legacy. I would like to personally thank every employee, past and present for taking this journey with me. To my Board Members, thank you for supporting me and our vision to improve healthcare throughout WNY. Together we answered the call of duty.”

“When John Lomeo retires in July of 2024 he will be leaving behind a secure organization that has expanded, shown exponential growth and demonstrated exceptional quality of care. The community and the thousands of people served have been the beneficiaries of John’s leadership, foresight, vision, brilliant business acumen and deep compassion. As a primary founder of Niagara Hospice, I would add that John Lomeo not only fulfilled the hopes and dreams we had for hospice care, he exceeded them. On behalf of the Niagara Hospice Board of Directors, I thank John for his incredible journey with us over the past 24 years.”- Patricia L. Evans

The Board of Directors has also announced that Carlo Figliomeni, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer, who has been with the organization for 18 years, will be promoted to the President & CEO position on August 1, 2024.

Niagara Hospice House Expansion Opens to Patients

Niagara Hospice announced that the Hospice House expanded residential wing is now open to admit patients. After a year of construction, the six new residential patient suites brings the total at the facility to 16, the maximum allowed by New York State.
   “We are very pleased to open the new residential wing and admit our first patients this week, eliminating any additional waiting for placement for these individuals and their families,” said John Lomeo, President & CEO of Niagara Hospice. “The added suites are furnished for optimal comfort and convenience like the original wing built 15 years ago, and our staff is ready to care for more patients. Thanks to the incredible community support we received over the last year, we are grateful to have completed this important project to enhance access to community care before the start of 2023.”
   With the large residential wing now having 60 percent more capacity, Niagara County hospice patients who need increased services or have an insufficient caregiver system at home will not have to wait any longer than necessary to be admitted to receive around-the-clock comfort care at Hospice House.
   “This is a special time for our longtime staff and new employees as we embrace the opportunities to provide specialized care and personalized support for many more families,” said Janet Ligammari, RN, Director of Hospice Facility Services at Hospice House. “We have always wanted the ability to admit more families, and now that this new wing is open, our staff stands ready to ensure each and every new family that enters the facility will receive the best care and attention throughout their most challenging times.”
   Since opening in June 2007, the facility has cared for more than 6,000 Niagara County residents and their families. The residential wing originally consisted of eight suites, and then it was expanded to 10 in 2010.  The general inpatient wing continues to operate with 10 suites designed for patients needing short-term medical monitoring and symptom management. Each suite receives 24-7 care from staff and features a sitting area and easy-chair sleeper. The facility also has gathering rooms, a kitchen, a chapel and a children’s game room.
   Hospice House is the only general inpatient and residential facility for hospice patients in Niagara County, and the general inpatient wing is one of just 12 facilities of its kind in New York State.
   For more information or to view an aerial video of the expanded Hospice House, visit     

Vietnam Veterans of America Niagara County Chapter Place Holiday Wreath at Niagara Hospice

On December 16, the Vietnam Veterans of America Niagara County Chapter #268 and Niagara County Sheriff Michael J. Filicetti visited the Niagara Hospice campus for the annual laying of the wreath.

Gordie Bellinger and Norm Pearson led the ceremony at the Niagara Hospice Service Persons Memorial, which was dedicated in 2009 and features 115 Veterans, law enforcement members & first responders from Niagara County who served our nation and communities. For more information, click here to read the brochure.

Drive Against Diabetes (D.A.D.) Gives $50,000 to Hospice House Fall Campaign

On December 8, Drive Against Diabetes (D.A.D.) visited the Niagara Hospice campus to give a $50,000 donation to the fall appeal for two new automated dispensing system units at Hospice House. These units allow medications to be stored, accessed and dispensed near the point of care while controlling and tracking drug distribution. Consistent with the national prevalence of diabetes, Niagara Hospice in 2022 cared for 214 patients with diabetes or approximately 21% of all Niagara Hospice admissions were impacted by the disease.
   “Our organization was looking for an impactful way to assist older Niagara County residents with diabetes, and the opportunity to be a part of funding the new medication systems at Hospice House was a natural fit for us to address the needs of all hospice patients during end-of-life care,’ said Craig Schultz, Founder & President of Drive Against Diabetes. “As a fellow nonprofit organization in Niagara County, we are pleased to support Niagara Hospice this holiday season as they pursue their campaign goal of $100,000 for the two units.”
   “We are very appreciative of this generous gift from Drive Against Diabetes,” said John Lomeo, President & CEO of Niagara Hospice. “The interest that Craig Schultz and his foundation staff showed in supporting this essential medication system was inspiring to our staff. It is always such a wonderful gesture when another organization reaches out to help us with our fundraising campaign to ensure continued high-quality comfort care for Niagara County residents and their families.” 
   If you would like to support the campaign, please click here or call 716-439-4417. 

Fall Newsletter

To commemorate November as Hospice & Palliative Care Month, Niagara Hospice presents this organizational overview that outlines our end-of-life comfort care and support services, fundraising options, volunteer opportunities and careers to improve quality of life for Niagara County families during difficult times.