Niagara Hospice House in Lockport

The Niagara Hospice House, which opened in June 2007, is Niagara County’s only residential hospice house and one of just 12 general inpatient hospice facilities in New York State. It provides services to individuals with increased caregiving needs or an insufficient caregiver system at home.

The residential wing consists of 16 suites designed for patients who need residential hospice care. The general inpatient wing has 10 suites designed for patients needing short-term medical monitoring and symptom management. Each suite is designed with patient and family in mind with a sitting area and easy-chair sleeper.

Every family has access to gathering rooms, fireplaces, a chapel, kitchen, Memorial Gardens and Pavilion. Over nearly 15 years of service to Niagara County, Hospice House has cared for 6,000 patients and their families.

For more information, call 716-439-4417.

“Hospice care is primarily provided in a patient’s or caregiver’s home. However, there are some individuals who do not have a home environment appropriate for hospice care, or lack the family or friends necessary to provide 24/7 care in a home environment. Additionally, some hospice patients need around-the-clock medical attention during medication adjustments or for symptom management. In response to these needs, Niagara Hospice House was built in 2007 in the Town of Lockport.”

– Janet Ligammari, RN, Director of Hospice Facility Services

Our Family, Focused on Yours.

Expert end-of-life care & personalized support for Niagara County since 1988.

Dear Family Member,

Our dedicated team of health care professionals takes great pride in providing expert end-of-life care, personalized support and comprehensive guidance to Niagara County families as they navigate the challenges of a terminal illness prognosis of six months or less.

Whenever family members or caregivers encounter difficult, stressful times with controlling different symptoms of loved ones while under care with Niagara Hospice, they can ask their care manager if admission to our General Inpatient unit at Niagara Hospice House in Lockport might be needed to address the situation.

A few examples of symptoms that can lead to being transferred from home care to the Hospice House include nausea, pain, anxiety and agitation. There are certain requirements involved with being admitted to General Inpatient care that care managers review with each family.

The Hospice House team is always available to consult with home care managers to assess a family’s specific situation and explain how short-term General Inpatient care can be beneficial in alleviating symptoms. The atmosphere is very calming and comfortable and feels just like home. Our staff is available 24/7 to address any medical or psychosocial needs.

We deliver expert care for uncontrolled symptoms and then return patients back home comfortably as soon as possible. We want to ensure every Niagara County family has no regrets when they receive our specialized care and full attention.

If you ever have any questions about hospice care at home or at Hospice House, our clinical staff is always available to assist.

Best wishes to you and your family.


Dr. Richard Castaldo

Medical Director, Niagara Hospice

“Hospice House staff was very caring and treated us as people rather than symptoms. They helped transition my father from general inpatient to residential after a very intense situation in which he improved unexpectedly. They know how to help in the worse situations and we never felt alone. They really put a positive spin on a very uncertain situation.”

-Corey, Niagara County native living in Rochester

“The staff was very compassionate and willing to do anything to make my father and everyone else comfortable. My father was admitted four times and they helped him find his way back and be comfortable. You won’t find better care. After home, it’s the next best place.”

-Kirsty, Sanborn

Family member, Deborah, shares her experience with Niagara Hospice during her husband’s care.

Janet Ligammari, Director of Hospice Facility Services, talks about patient care & family support at Niagara Hospice House

Corey Voelker, Director of Support Services & Executive Chef, explains the comforts and culinary options at Hospice House.

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