Drive Against Diabetes (D.A.D.) Gives $50,000 to Hospice House Fall Campaign

On December 8, Drive Against Diabetes (D.A.D.) visited the Niagara Hospice campus to give a $50,000 donation to the fall appeal for two new automated dispensing system units at Hospice House. These units allow medications to be stored, accessed and dispensed near the point of care while controlling and tracking drug distribution. Consistent with the national prevalence of diabetes, Niagara Hospice in 2022 cared for 214 patients with diabetes or approximately 21% of all Niagara Hospice admissions were impacted by the disease.
   “Our organization was looking for an impactful way to assist older Niagara County residents with diabetes, and the opportunity to be a part of funding the new medication systems at Hospice House was a natural fit for us to address the needs of all hospice patients during end-of-life care,’ said Craig Schultz, Founder & President of Drive Against Diabetes. “As a fellow nonprofit organization in Niagara County, we are pleased to support Niagara Hospice this holiday season as they pursue their campaign goal of $100,000 for the two units.”
   “We are very appreciative of this generous gift from Drive Against Diabetes,” said John Lomeo, President & CEO of Niagara Hospice. “The interest that Craig Schultz and his foundation staff showed in supporting this essential medication system was inspiring to our staff. It is always such a wonderful gesture when another organization reaches out to help us with our fundraising campaign to ensure continued high-quality comfort care for Niagara County residents and their families.” 
   If you would like to support the campaign, please click here or call 716-439-4417.