Our Admission & Care Teams Respond Quickly With Telehealth

 Niagara Hospice provides Niagara County patients, families and caregivers with free telehealth and videoconferencing services that enable faster consultations and admissions. These rapid response measures also enhance care management and medical monitoring while patients are in our program in homes and at facilities.

  This fast, convenient videoconferencing technology enables admission nurses and intake staff to respond faster any time that a family requests a consultation about hospice eligibility for a loved one. Our intake nurses are always available to answer questions about services for any new patients entering the program. Once patients and families are under our care, nurse care managers also use telehealth to regularly monitor vital signs, symptoms and conditions to expedite any clinical care needs for patients and families.

   Our Bereavement Department also offers free, convenient virtual counseling for families and caregivers in the comfort of their home for up to 13 months after the death of a loved one who was in hospice care.
   With telehealth technology, Niagara Hospice clinical staff is able to provide all of the following services for Niagara County patients, families and caregivers to help improve quality of life and maximize precious time together for everyone involved:

  1. Provide overview of Niagara Hospice eligibility and all of the services available to Niagara County families
  2. Offer free consultations to prospective patients and caregivers
  3. Answer questions about insurance coverage and locations where care is provided
  4. Monitor vital signs and symptoms with patients under our daily care
  5. Respond immediately to patient any time of day or night when family care needs, issues or questions arise

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