Bereavement Support

Niagara Hospice continues to serve family members after the loss of their loved one. Our goal is to be there for those who are left behind as they move through the grieving process. The Niagara Hospice Bereavement Department offers grief support to families in a variety of ways. The following services are available for 13 months and may be accepted or declined at any time:

  • Supportive telephone calls and mailings

  • Individual and family grief counseling

  • Bereavement workshops and groups for adults

  • Memorial events throughout the year

  • Resource materials at our Grief Library on grief and loss

  • Information and referral services

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The Bereavement Department coordinates and maintains the Niagara Hospice Healing Words Grief Library. The library holds a collection of books on grief, loss and coping that are available to Niagara Hospice patients and family members. Many people can find comfort and support through reading. Call the Bereavement Department at 280-0777 to make an appointment for the library or for more information.

Additionally, Niagara Hospice provides bereavement care to address the special needs of children through  Camp Hope. Camp Hope is available free to children throughout Western New York who are grieving the loss of a loved one - whether or not their loved one passed while under hospice care.

Bereavement counselors at Niagara Hospice understand that while grief is often a very difficult and painful experience, it is also a normal and natural response to loss. The goal of bereavement support is to provide education and support to our hospice families to help them navigate the journey of grief and adapt to their losses in a healthy way. For more information, contact the Bereavement Department at (716) 280-0777.

Grief Support Groups and Educational Workshops

The below groups and workshops are available to family members and other loved ones who have lost someone dear to them in the Niagara Hospice program.
**Please be sure to register for any groups you would like to attend. Registration requires a valid phone number you can be reached at in case a group needs to be cancelled or re-scheduled for any reason. In the event there is a change in schedule, we will call those that have registered. Updates will also be posted on the Niagara Hospice Facebook page.
Call (716) 280-0777 to register for workshops and groups.**

For more information, click on the workshop links below.

Newly Bereaved Workshop - Sept. 2019

Newly Bereaved Workshop
This educational workshop is for those who have lost a loved one in the last one to three months. You will learn about the process of grief, common grief responses, and some helpful suggestions for navigating this journey.

Growing through Grief
A peer support group for adults grieving the loss of a loved one. Growing through Grief  is open to men and women of all ages at no charge.

Bereavement Coffee Hours
Join us for coffee and friendship to socialize with others who have experienced loss. Coffee Hours are open to men and women of all ages at no charge.

Loss of Spouse
A peer support group for adults grieving the loss of a spouse. The group is open to men and women of all ages.

Call (716) 280-0777 for more information or to register for a group or workshop.
Read about upcoming Bereavement Events and more in our monthly Bridges Newsletter.

Grief & Adults Resources
There are several resources available to help cope with the loss of a loved one. Our staff has recommended the following that may be of use to you:


Grief & Loss Experience

Healing from Grief

Surviving a Loss

Loss of a Child

Loss of a Parent

Holiday Grief


Final Gifts - Maggie Callanan
When a Friend Dies - Marilyn Gootman
Parental Loss of a Child - Therese Rando
Helping Bereaved Children - Nancy Webb
Helping Children Cope with Grief - Alan Wolfelt
On Children and Death - Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
How Will I Get Through the Holidays? - James Miller  

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