Volunteers Enhance the Memorial Gardens

The Niagara Hospice Memorial Gardens are a special way to honor and celebrate the lives of loved ones. The gardens consist of brick and stone pathways engraved as memorials with the names of the loved ones from hospice families. There is also the Service Persons Memorial Wall that serves as a tribute to veterans of military service and first responders. The granite benches offer a place to sit and take in the beautiful flowers that surround the courtyard. Niagara Hospice patients and their families have access to this tranquil place to spend quality time together and feel at home here.

   During periodic celebrations of life in the fall and spring, we honor the new dedications in the garden with families, friends and donors. The scenery created by the gardens, pond, benches, bridge, pavilion and pathways throughout the campus creates a peaceful oasis to visit and enjoy the outdoors as families honor their loved ones.

   There are also opportunities for groups and individuals to volunteer in maintaining our gardens. Recently a group of volunteers helped with our spring landscaping by weeding and tidying up the garden so it is now looking pristine. Volunteering in groups can be such a great bonding experience and reason to spend time outside during the summer. We are always looking for new volunteers to contribute to preserving this important place for families and friends to honor loved ones and spend quality time together.

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