Our Families Share Their Niagara Hospice Stories

No one tells the Niagara Hospice story better than the patients and families we serve. Many family members are so moved by the support they received for both themselves and their loved ones that they choose to become Niagara Hospice volunteers. If your loved one was cared for by Niagara Hospice, please consider sharing a memory.

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Family Members Share Their Experience:

"I cannot begin to tell you how thankful our entire family is for the love, support and care that was shown to my uncle during his time at Hospice. All the amazing caregivers at Hospice helped to make his last days peaceful and pain free. He had ministered others at Hospice for many years, so he knew that was where he wanted to be when he needed to be cared for. We are grateful for the time when he needed to be cared for. We grateful for the time we were able to spend with him and the kindness and support that was shown to our family as well. You are all doing amazing work! Thank you for everything you do! You are angels on earth."

Michelle, Ransomville

"Having been a long time Hospice volunteer, my husband was familiar with Niagara Hospice, so when his diagnosis with cancer became terminal, he chose Hospice with confidence. With the loving support and care that he received, he was able to die at home where he wanted to be. I also am grateful for that support and care during the grieving process."

Rose, Burt

"Your organization has helped a number of my loved one during their final days. Through all the sadness and grief that we all felt as they would be leaving us, we were comforted by the fact that they were treated with such care and dignity. We all miss them so terribly, but knowing how they were treated with such compassion and love makes our memories of them more special. They were all ale to stay in their homes surrounded by loved one until their passing. For that we, as a family are forever grateful. Thank you."

Nancy, Akron

"“Our family has had Hospice help many times. The love and compassion your staff has shown has made the time comforting and easier to get through."

Faye, Newfane

"You helped my mom when her pain was out of control. We made her end more comfortable. She told me, “I can’t take it anymore”. Hospice came in and resolved the pain issue. Together we were with her until she passed. Thank you."

Paul, Lockport

"I am very thankful for Hospice because my husband. Harold Nelson is under the care of Hospice in our own home. I cannot say enough for the special loving care we receive from Hospice. Every person that has been sent to care for both of us has been awesome. I thank God every day for you."

Carol, Lewiston

"My mother was in hospice care for the last few years of her life. The professionals who looked after her were wonderful, caring people, both medically and spiritually. I do not know what I would have done without them. We were certainly blessed and I cannot thank you enough."

Duaine, Murphy, NC

"My mom was diagnosed with emphysema, and because of Niagara Hospice, she was able to stay in her home surrounded by her and family and be comfortable before she passed. Everyone from Niagara Hospice were so supportive and helpful. They made it possible for our mother to pass away the way she wanted to, surrounded by family, in her own home."

Lisa, North Tonawanda

"I was overwhelmed by the care you gave my husband. It was a comfort to know he did not suffer at the end. Thank you and God bless."

Glenda, Lockport

"When my husband became ill, I was able to care for him in our home. Hospice made everything they could to help me care for him. The support from my whole team was wonderful. I thank and support Hospice of Niagara for all they did for us and will continue to do for others. Again I cannot thank you enough!"

Judith, Burt

"My father, who lived to 102, had a better quality of life in the closing months of his life. Niagara Hospice greatly helped our family understand what he was experiencing and they were a great comfort to us in times of uncertainty! Niagara Hospice staff worked well with the nursing staff at Elderwood's Skilled Nursing Facility. Our phone calls were received by the staff at the Lockport office with empathy and respect. Our concerns were addressed with a timely response. From the depths of our hearts, our family says "thank you" for your healing touch of peace and love!"

Richard, Fredonia

"If I wasn’t there to assist Bill, I knew someone would assist him with his meals. I felt at ease because I knew his needs were taken care of and he was in good hands. Our family received so much support during Bill’s time at Hospice House, and in the months after his passing. It is so thoughtful and kind to be remembered."

Miriam, North Tonawanda

"The care my wife received was phenomenal. Passionate, high quality, supportive, timely, professional, and a priority; these are just a few words that describe our hospice experience. I always felt like we were the priority from the intake to my wife's passing, and even now. The visits by the nurse when I called for help when my wife wasn't feeling well were so helpful when I didn't know what to do. The nurse would always say to my wife, 'I'm here to help you feel better, I promise.' The nurse was able to get my wife to trust her. Every time the nurse kept her promise, my wife always felt better after the visits. The intake nurse, social worker, spiritual care counselor, nurses, bereavement counselor and the person who answered the phone after hours always made me feel like we were the priority. When it was time for hospice, it was the perfect time because hospice helped answer my prayer to keep my wife at home when she passed."

Robert, Niagara Falls

"The services offered by this agency are nothing short of outstanding. In November 2019, my mother was admitted to Hospice House to live out her final days in peace and serenity. My family couldn't have asked for better care for her. Staff at Hospice House kept us informed and took the very best care of my mom in her final days right through her final breath. Thank you for providing an irreplaceable service to Niagara County residents. I will always support Niagara Hospice and urge others to do the same."

JoAnne, Lockport

"For the first time in the caregiver journey, I didn't feel alone. I knew I was only a phone call away from help, support and medical advice. Niagara Hospice is so much more than medical care. The emotional support that their counselors offered, the spiritual support their chaplains gave, and the information that the staff gave to help me understand those last few weeks and how best to help my husband, Ron, make his transition with grace and dignity.

I never expected that I would be the beneficiary of anything, but they literally were by my side every day helping me to understand and accept what was happening. They were patient, kind and supportive, they were not judgmental or controlling. I was a caregiver for my husband for six years with his Alzheimer's disease journey. Now they accept Alzheimer's patients much earlier, which is so very important. Because of Niagara Hospice, I was able to care for him at home, and he was able to die at home."

Jacci, Lockport

"I had a friend say to me, 'how did you get hospice, since your husband isn't that bad?' She had no idea how difficult his care really was, but that is the misconception - that hospice isn't called until there are days left in the loved one's life. I was fortunate to know that wasn't the case, since Niagara Hospice had given a presentation at my work concerning dementia. During the last week of my husband's life, an on-call nurse came to my house in a blizzard just to help me with him. She came all the way from Wilson to my home, it was pretty far. They cared for my husband for 10 months.

The care and support my husband and I received was second to none! I called it 'care with skin.' because they truly care about their patients and their well-being. I was delighted to know I could even have a five-day respite every two or three months. I did not know they had a huge bereavement program, which has been a lifesaver for me! They didn't just drop me once my husband passed away." 

Sue, Eastern Niagara County

[Photo of Walt and granddaughter courtesy of Sue]

"Niagara Hospice far exceeded our expectations. We were able to fulfill our mother's wish to remain in her home because of hospice. Hospice is a comprehensive program offering services for physical and emotional support for both the loved one and caregivers. Niagara Hospice provided a hospital bed and other medical supplies, weekly visits from a hospice RN, periodic visits from a chaplain and a 24/7 contact number for questions and advice. Niagara Hospice was there for us from the time we asked them to intervene to the end.

Our mother's wonderful nurse was willing to go the extra mile and way beyond the call of duty to do whatever she could to make her last days comfortable and to help us in any way she could to make our lives easier. We feel very fortunate to have had Niagara Hospice's involvement for as long as we did. We would undoubtedly recommend anyone involving Niagara Hospice as soon as possible."

Angela, Dallas, TX

"We called Niagara Hospice twice in one day, and both times a nurse came out to check on him. The second time, the nurse thought it would be best for my dad to go to the Hospice House for a 'tune-up. The nurse that helped him was unbelievable. She waited a good two hours for him to see the issue he was having. She was patient, caring, loving and an angel. The doctor told us what we needed every step of the way and did it as though my dad was her dad. The nurse and aides, every time we needed them, they were right there. They all have a calming effect on the family and the patient. Thank you for helping my family through the difficult time."

Lynn, Atlanta, GA

[Photo of Richard and family courtesy of Lynn]

"Hospice is true 'comfort care' that provides peace of mind for the patient and the family. I received multiple calls advising me of my mother's status. When she passed away, the staff called me to share that there were no signs of distress on her face."

-- Susan, New Hampshire

“My husband lived in the residential wing at Hospice House for two months. He had been pretty strong that summer, but then he was in the hospital in December. Then they recommended sending him to Niagara Hospice. Everyone at the Niagara Hospice House was amazing. They took such great care of him. He was comfortable and our son took him outside for breaks, and he enjoyed the surroundings. I stayed there with him a lot. One night I fell asleep and I woke up at 3 or 4 in the morning and someone had covered me with a blanket. Chef Corey and his staff fed our whole family of 11 one night around the holidays. I was thinking they should be focused on my husband, but all the staff takes care of the whole family as a unit. They always took care of us and had an amazing attention to detail, even remembering that I was allergic to chocolate, so they brought me cheesecake.”

-- Carolyn, North Tonawanda

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