Families Find Similar Experiences Through Bereavement Support Groups

 Each month the Niagara Hospice Bereavement Services Department offers several support groups that focus on a particular type of loss.

Niagara Hospice Decorates Tree at NY Power Authority Festival of Trees

 Niagara Hospice participate in the annual Niagara Power Authority's Festival of Trees from Dec. 1-31. 

December Bridges Newsletter

 The December issue of Bridges, a newsletter to help people design, build and maintain a bridge from loss to growth, is available here.

Niagara Hospice Holds Annual Light-A-Life Ceremony

 Each year, Niagara Hospice invites the community to its Light-A-Life event. It has become a tradition for many families who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

Your Shopping on Amazon Contributes to Niagara Hospice

If you shop on Amazon, click here and you will also be contributing 0.5% of all of your purchases to Niagara Hospice.


Hospice Month commemorates compassion for patients and support for families

National Hospice Month prompts us to reflect on the growth of hospice care 

Hospice...A Thing of the Spirit

In the end, we chaplains get to share a broad experience of the spiritual life that everyone has. It may not be religious at all or it may be deeply religious. We are there to support you in your journey, not choose the direction; that is up to you.

How will I know?

Educating our communities is a big part of ensuring families understand what hospice is - and what it is not. Hospice is not about giving up; it's about getting help, changing goals, and choosing how you want to live as you near the end of life.

Patients must qualify for in-patient care

"It's disheartening to know that improper billing practices used by some for-profit hospice agencies casts a dark shadow on so many other hospice programs that truly exist for the purpose of providing the best quality care to patients."

Feeling the Grief?

Have you noticed a difference in yourself (or others) after the death of your loved one? Not quite sure if it's normal, healthy, destructive - or mean anything at all? For some of us, there is a very specific and negative way we cope with grief. Researchers have coined the term Experiential Avoidance ...

Too many die without ever being offered the tangible end-of-life support that hospice care provides

Unfortunately, too many families are denied the benefit of hospice care, or wait too long to accept the many supports the hospice team provides. Too many patients accept hospice only in their final days or even hours of life, leaving families wishing they had known about hospice care sooner.

Back to School for the Grieving Child

The excitement of back to school in September often turns to trepidation for the grieving child. Parents, teachers and children can help themselves with knowledge that will help ease the transition.

Hospice Provides a Better Way to Live

Refusing hospice care because it's associated with dying is like not celebrating a birthday because it reminds you that you are getting older.

How Conversations - and Policy - are Changing

Welcome to Niagara Hospice's very first Blog! We look forward to sharing helpful information with the community to help navigate the often muddy waters of health care. Change is happening - at a very fast pace in some instances. You may have recently needed to make a decision on which managed long term care plan is right for you; or decide on which coverage in your current plan you may need to upgrade or downgrade to in order to meet you and your family's needs; or discuss with family and your doctor whom you want to make health care decisions for you if you are unable to do so for yourself at any point in the future. Through the Niagara Hospice Blog, we will address current health care issues and innovations as well as a variety of other topics to enhance quality of life.

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