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Benefits of Specialized Care & Personalized Support With Niagara Hospice  

Call 439-4417 or 716-HOSPICE to learn about the care and support options available to you or your loved one. 

1. Specialized care and personalized support for any late-stage illness at home and in facilities.

2. Niagara Hospice House offers general in-patient units for acute care and short-term stabilization.

3. Dementia care that engages patients with multi-sensory therapies and alleviates caregiver fatigue.

4. High ratings on Medicare surveys from families that recommend us to others.

5. Medicaid-only residents are eligible for hospice care sooner with 12-month diagnosis.

6. Unique collaborations with hospice units at Northgate Health Care Facility in North Tonawanda & Schoellkopf Health Center in Niagara Falls.

7. No asset look-back for Niagara Hospice House residents enrolling in New York State Medicaid.

8. Medicaid residents on Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC) health plans can receive concurrent hospice care for late-stage illnesses. 

9. The only accredited (Accreditation Commission for Health Care) hospice in Western New York.

10. Niagara Hospice ambulette for quick, personalized transportation.


How Niagara County residents benefit when they call Niagara Hospice:

1. We care for patients, families and caregivers in Niagara County faced with any type of illness prognosis of 6 months; or up to 12 months for strictly Medicaid recipients.

2. Our goal is to admit patients earlier in the illness process to provide care, comfort and quality of life. We want to maximize the time left for the whole family.

3. Our services are provided in patients’ and caregivers’ homes, our partner facilities and contracted facilities in Niagara County.

4. Anyone, including a family member, relative, friend, health care provider or patients themselves, can refer a patient for an evaluation of eligibility. 

5. Once someone calls with a referral, we will respond that date with an evaluation for eligibility. Even if a patient is not eligible, we can refer to other community resources and will continue to follow up with the family.




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