Niagara Hospice Obituaries – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of publishing an obituary on the Niagara Hospice website?

Niagara Hospice is offering this free obituary publishing service on its website for families of Niagara Hospice patients. It is a fast and convenient way to post and share your loved one’s obituary as soon as you are ready to publish it on the website.

How do I submit an obituary?

You can submit an obituary for a loved one who was cared for by Niagara Hospice by filling out this form and attaching a photo if desired. The most effective way to submit the obituary is to first type it into a word processing file and save it to your computer. Then you can copy the obituary and paste it into the form.

Can I edit the obituary page once it is published on the Niagara Hospice website?

If you have any additions or edits to make after the obituary is published, you can email the changes to or call 716-439-4417.

How do I share my obituary page with other people?

In the upper right corner of each obituary, there are social media sharing and email links that enable anyone to share the link to each individual’s page.

Do I have to make a donation to be able to leave a comment on the obituaries?

Everyone who knew your loved one is free to leave a comment under the obituary. A donation is not required to be able to leave messages or share the obituaries via social media and email.

Can I keep my obituary private?

Currently, there is not a privacy setting for the obituaries on the Niagara Hospice website. The intention of the page is to share the stories of each person’s life while allowing their loved ones to leave messages and share the link with others.

How long does the obituary stay active on the Niagara Hospice website?

Once your loved one’s obituary is published on the Niagara Hospice website, it can remain there as long as you want. If you ever decided you want to remove it in the future, please call 716-439-4417 or email to request removal.

If you have questions or need more information, please call (716) 439-4417.