Host an Event to Benefit Niagara Hospice 

Hosting your own event to benefit Niagara Hospice is a great way to support the mission and values of Niagara Hospice. You might be a student who wants to host a dress-down day at your school or a local business that wants to host a fundraiser to benefit Niagara Hospice.

Either way, hosting an event in your community not only helps Niagara Hospice financially, it helps educate our community about the compassionate care Niagara Hospice offers all its patients at a time when it's needed most.

For more information about hosting an event to benefit Niagara Hospice patients and their families, contact the Niagara Hospice events department at (716) 280-0780 or click here for a Third Party Events Guide and become a Hospice Hero! 

We can answer questions you have about hosting an event and we will send you an event packet full of helpful information.


Some host your own event fundraising ideas to benefit Niagara Hospice:

Garage Sale/Yard Sale
Hosting a yard sale is a great way to clean out your old clothes and household items while raising money for Gilchrist.

Bake Sale
Bake sales are a fun and easy way to raise funds with your friends or church group.

Board Game Tournament
Board games are back! Set up a tournament and charge each team an entry fee.

Benefit Concert
Do you have some talented musician friends in an acapella group, band or chorus? You could find a local restaurant or friend to host the concert and charge an entry fee at the door.

Restaurant Benefit Night
Ask a local restaurant to give you a percentage of their profits one night during a certain time frame. Ask your friends and coworkers to join you for a happy hour for hospice! Prizes could be raffled or auctioned to make the event more enticing.

Jeans Day/Dress Down Day
One of the most popular ways to fundraise at work is to encourage your employees to wear jeans or casual clothes for a $5 donation.

A-thon fundraisers – walk, bowling, hula-hoop, etc. and 5k runs are a fun way to involve the local community. You could organize your own or sign up for an existing race/event, and ask friends and family to make a gift in your honor. You could ask for contributions for every mile you run or walk.

Other event ideas: Ice Cream Social, Chili Cook-Off, Golf Tournament or Outing, Corn Hole Tournament, Wine Tasting, Talent Show, Paint Night.

Get creative—mix and match these ideas or come up with your own!


Virtual events to host to benefit Niagara Hospice

Virtual Quizzes and competitions

Virtual Live music performances/Talent Show

Virtual Cooking and Craft Demonstrations

Virtual Exercise Classes

Virtual Livestream gaming

Virtual Book clubs

Virtual Q&As

Virtual Movie nights

Virtual Garage Sale

Virtual Paint/Craft Night

No Shave Quarantine Challenge



Ready to plan your event? Give us a call at 716-280-0780


Third Party Fundraiser Kit

Third Party Fundraiser Application






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