Family Services

Every family's situation is unique. Niagara Hospice provides support and essential services for families to help them care for their loved one. This is done with help from physicians, pharmacists, nurses, social workers, counselors, therapists, hospice aides, homemakers and volunteers.


Who cares for the caregiver?



The role of caregiver is often difficult and always vital. Niagara Hospice offers family caregivers resources to help them in this very important role. You do not have to face this illness alone - we are only a phone call away.

When medical science can't add more days to life, Hospice adds more life to every day.

  Advance Directives 

  Do your family and your doctor know your health care wishes?

  Volunteer Support Services

  The men, women and young adults who volunteer their time, talent and energy for Niagara Hospice are truly unique individuals. Many choose to work with our     families because of their own experience with losing a loved one. Others have not yet experienced such a personal loss, but truly want to help those families who are   facing the day to day emotional and physical struggle of caring for their loved ones.

  Bereavement Support

  Niagara Hospice continues to serve family members after the loss of their loved one. Our goal is to be there for those who are left behind as they move through the   grieving process. 

Let our family help yours. Call today.


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