COVID-19 Visitor Information for Niagara Hospice House:

   The safety of our patients, their families and our staff is of the utmost importance to Niagara Hospice. In an effort to keep everyone protected, our reception staff will ask a few questions to all visitors prior to entry into the Hospice House to visit. 

   In addition, our staff will be taking temperatures when indicated. If you have any signs and symptoms of respiratory illness and/or fever, you may not be permitted to enter the facility.

   Please also note the updated procedures below:

1. Visitation is limited to 2 people per patient room at any given time (1 person at a time for the four negative pressure rooms in the general inpatient unit).
2. No children under the age of 14 are permitted to visit.
3. All visitors will fill out a questionnaire, have their temperature taken and must wear a mask.
4. Visitors will not be permitted entry to the Hospice House if they have a temperature or visible respiratory illness.
5. Pets are not allowed at this time.

  We appreciate your patience during this time. It is our mission to ensure the health and well-being of all patients, families and staff.

COVID-19 Update for Home Care:

  1. Niagara Hospice will conduct home visits as normal with the following precautions:

        - Clinical staff will contact each patient prior to each home visit to question if the patient or anyone in the home is currently showing signs and symptoms of a respiratory infection including fever, sore throat and/or cough.

        - If no one in the home is displaying any signs and symptoms of a respiratory infection the staff member will conduct the visit as usual.
        - If the patient/family has stated that there is someone in the home with active signs and symptoms of respiratory infection the staff member shall ask:

             1. Have they traveled internationally in the last 14 days to an area of high prevalence of COVID-19?
             2. Have they been in contact with anyone who is suspected to have or has been confirmed to have COVID-19?
             3. Do they live in a community where there is a known wide spread outbreak of COVID-19? 


  2. When it is determined that the patient or anyone residing in the patients home has a probability of being infected with COVID-19, the home care clinical staff will instruct the patient/family as follows:

           1. Separate themselves from other people and animals as much as possible (in a separate room with door closed)   
           2. Wear a face mask in the presence of others

     - If a visit is required, the staff member shall:

          1. Conduct visits via telehealth, if able.
          2. Instruct the infected patient to don a mask prior to the staff member’s entry into the home. If the infected person in the home is not the patient, they should be instructed that they are not permitted to be in the same room as the Hospice staff member while they are in the home.
         3. The staff member shall don Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to include a mask, gloves, eye protection and gown prior to entering the home.
        4. When visit is completed, the PPE must be removed and bagged for disposal and be left at the home for the family to dispose of.

    - If staff members have suspicion of a patient having COVID-19, they shall immediately notify the patient's primary physician and their supervisor.

    - The Vice President of Hospice Clinical Operations will notify the local health department of any suspected COVID-19 cases

    - During this time of declared National Emergency, volunteer activities have been suspended until further notice.






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