A Valentine's Day Message


The Niagara Hospice Bereavement Department wishes to share this Valentine's Day message with the community:

Hearts and Roses bring to mind LOVE. Often we talk about the big holidays when it comes to grief, but Valentine’s Day can evoke deep emotions of loved ones we have lost.

The fragrance of a rose, in some cultures, represent the sacredness of a person’s soul. Have you ever smelled a rose when no actual rose is nearby? Some say that is a spiritual message from your loved one.

Roses have thorns, and with LOVE there is pain. The pain of grief is complicated and messy. Grief is uniquely different, but the common thread is in our loss.

The Bereavement Department is here for you in many ways. You are encouraged to:

• Reach out to a bereavement counselor by calling 716-280-0700

• Join our bereavement support (closed) Facebook page to strengthen your supports and connect with others who have lost a loved one.

• You can visit the bereavement page on our website to access a variety of support resources:

   o Bibliography of resources for adults/children
   o Professional specialized grief videos
   o Various other videos including meditation

Maybe this Valentine’s Day could be a time to make a new memory. You could buy a rose for yourself in memory of your loved one. Perhaps reach out to someone else who might be feeling alone. Maybe make a Valentine for yourself or someone else.



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