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Please take a moment to sign our Memorial Guestbook. We encourage you to join others who have shared memories and thoughts about their loved ones. If you are interested in learning more about the services we provide or the ways you can help Niagara Hospice, please continue browsing this website or call us at (716) 439-4417. 

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  • Ted Jones

    Oct 1st, 2014

    Ted, It's been almost 2 weeks since our beautiful grandson, Liam Townsend, was born. He is perfect as I am sure you saw before God sent him to us. Proof of how much our daughter loved you is the fact that she gave him your name. I wish you were here to enjoy him with us as I have wished every day that you were here to enjoy Ella. I can imagine how much you would spoil them even more than I do. I miss you every day. Love you.

    - Kathie Jones
  • Ted Jones

    Sep 8th, 2014

    I miss you, I miss you, I miss you. One for each year that you have been gone. Wish you were given the chance to meet Ella & to meet our little boy that will be here soon. You would have been such a great grandfather to them just like you were a great Dad to Lyndsay. I love you.

    - Kathie Jones
  • MaryJane Eberhardt

    Sep 7th, 2014

    Mom it's been one month since I've seen your face,heard your voice or held your hand. Although I miss you so much I am glad that you are with dad.I know how much you missed him and longed to be with him.It was so hard to let you go to be with him.I cherish every memory that I have of you and daddy.If I could have only one wish it would be to turn back time and have you both here with us all. The loss I feel for you both is unbearable. I think of you both everyday and long to see you and hear your voice again. I pray that you come to me in a dream but you don't. The hardest thing I have ever done was to say good bye!

    - Kathy Legters
  • Thomas L. Carlson

    Aug 31st, 2014

    Dad, it's been two months since you left us but you are still an inspiration to your children and grandchildren to live life to its fullest! Your children are constantly meeting people who you befriended, bowled or golfed with, or helped out in life in some way. They all tell us how fortunate we are to have had you as our Dad and how much they miss you. Although their thoughts help, it doesn't compare to the grief we are still experiencing as your children thought you would live forever. I still go to pick up the phone each morning at 10 am to call you and Thursday nights won't be the same without dinners with my Dad. You raised us right to love God, family, country and friends. You taught us to never give up and that you only get out of life what you're willing to work for in putting in it. I know you're now with Mom and watching over us and guiding us each day. We look forward to seeing you again in Heaven!

    - Victoria Wienke

    Aug 15th, 2014

    "Can't Help Falling In Love With You" and now "Til We Meet Again" Your loving wife!

    - Bonnie
  • gerald speer

    Jul 28th, 2014

    Dad I think of you every day and miss you so much. I especially think of you on these sunny summer days when I'm trimming all the hedges in your yard and tending to the garden. All the flowers look good! love and miss you so April

    - april

    Jul 20th, 2014

    Yesterday on July 19th was a year ago since you passed away. I miss you and think of you every single day. Hospice had the Butterfly Release yesterday and I attended in your memory. First time I went and it happened to be on the anniversary of the 1st year of your passing. Mom, you would have loved it. It was so beautiful. I released your butterfly and it came right back to me. Jay said it landed on the back of my shirt. Now I know you are watching over us all the time. Everyone misses you very much. You are always in our thoughts. I love you.

  • Jack Harvey

    Jul 19th, 2014

    Jack Harvey, The butterfly was released today in memory of you. I wish I could have been there. Joan called me to let me know when they were about to release them, I was outside watching up in the sky. I miss our phone calls, your jokes but most of all I MISS YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you Candy

    - Cany
  • Ray Oberholtzer

    Jul 17th, 2014

    Dad, Miss you! Wish you were here to celebrate your June Birthday. I know your last few months were rough and you were in serious pain and discomfort. Hope your resting peacefully. Wish you could be here to see the new place we bought in Tenn. Its a place that you would of loved. Woods, quiet, and a old farmhouse with a large barn. Hope your watching down on us as we make this long journey and keep us safe in our long distance move. Look over mom too, until she is ready to mive also. Miss you and Love you. Shawnee

    - Shawnee
  • Richard Gaude

    Jul 10th, 2014

    I cherish all the memories that you provided for me as a loving father and grandfather. I adored you. I respected you, and I loved you dearly.There is not a day that passes that I don't miss you. You were always upbeat and positive. Your response to someone asking 'how are you'? Your response was always,'I'm terrific. You were a shining light, a beacon of hope.I was truly blessed to have you for a father, and my children and great-grandchildren were also blessed to have such a loving, caring grandpa. The tears I shed are numerous, but my solace I find in knowing you are setting at the Lord's right hand.

    - Janet Martin