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Please take a moment to sign our Memorial Guestbook. We encourage you to join others who have shared memories and thoughts about their loved ones. If you are interested in learning more about the services we provide or the ways you can help Niagara Hospice, please continue browsing this website or call us at (716) 439-4417. 

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  • Joe Tripi

    Mar 27th, 2015

    Joe, I learned quite a few valuable lessons from you. I am going to miss your sharp personality and our "life conversations". It's truly going to be different without having you around. But I know your resting comfortably and my Aunt told me a couple days ago, she thinks you had coffee with Aunt Francis.. Ciao!

    - Gino
  • Ted Jones

    Mar 24th, 2015

    Ted, I really miss you today. I always looked forward to come home from work, knowing that you were there for me, no matter what. It's hard without you. I love you always.

    - Kathie Jones
  • nancy e stover

    Feb 11th, 2015

    Our deepest sympathy and prayers go out to our cousin nancy and her family at this difficult time. ron schreiber barb schuler chris tuzzi robin ersing

    - ronald schreiber
  • Carolyn Romanello

    Jan 28th, 2015

    Life Partner, Best Friend, Companion & Spouse
    God gave me that girl to lean on Then he put me on my own Heaven help me to be a man And have the strength to stand alone I don't like it But I guess things happen that way

    - Jim Romanello
  • Martin

    Jan 23rd, 2015

    Dear Daddy, I knew the time was near as you did too. God took you home to be with Mamma and all your family. I told you it was ok to go, because I just couldn't be selfish any longer. I knew you would fly high with all the Angels! I miss you everyday and cherish all the memories you have given me and all of your Children, Grand Children, Great Grand Children! Love your Baby Girl , Pat AKA (VERONICA)

    - Patricia Greaser-DeWitt
  • Helen Taylor

    Jan 4th, 2015

    Dear Mom, The last time we heard your heart beat was 11-1-2014, God took you home. I can not say enough about what a courageous battle you fought for years with COPD. You are one of the strongest, toughest, bravest women I have ever known. Thank you so much for instilling some of your strengths into me that I can carry on. You will so be missed, our shopping ventures, our making pierogies together and just Mother - daughter time. You will remain in my heart forever, until we meet again I know I have a guardian angel watching over me. With all my Love, Terry

    - Terry
  • gerald speer

    Dec 24th, 2014

    Dad this is the second Christmas you haven't been with us. you are missed very much you were the one with all the Christmas spirit. We all miss the smell of your cinnamon rolls and cookies you would bake during the holidays. Please know we are always thinking of you and we love you. love April

    - april
  • Ronald Newman Sr

    Dec 20th, 2014

    loving father our hero
    Dear Dad, As Christmas soon approaches my longing to have you here is worse than ever! Too selfish of me? I guess. But this year without you is tearing my heart apart. Our family no longer is"together" but knowing your with your mom and dad and mom I should be fine. Just you and mom please keep watching over us because I sure for one need you to. I failed you dad, I thought I could handle all this after you were gone but I can't. I said I'd be ok but in reality I'm not. I wish you were here......enough said......I LOVE AND MISS YOU DAD AND MOM DEB

    - Debra Newman
  • Sharon R. Hatrick

    Dec 11th, 2014

    Very sweet young friend of mine, she was a wife, mother, grandmother, of 47 years young. She was an awesome friend, loving, caring, special to all that had the opportunity to have met her.
    Sharon was a very bright lite, charismatic, like a magnet, I was attracted to her, an immediate bond started to form with her and I. I loved her way, her confidence in everything she wanted, but yet there was a very shy side that she would not share with everyone, almost child like. Still had innocence, but she tried not to let it show, always wanted to appear tough, and completely in charge. Her bright lite, was put out much too soon,she left us 9/21/2014. She had so much left unfinished, I am sure she is still trying to work that all out too, making deals with the big guy up there. I am sure she was furious, for leaving behind so much, all the love that she had still shines in her children, grandchildren, family members, and numerous friends and acquaintances that she left behind, she is and will be so loved and so missed. She will always live on in our hearts and our memories of our time together. Love U Always & Forever, My Dearest Friend Sharon 11/29/1965 * 09/21/2014

    - Dawn Rodler
  • Emil Zielinski

    Nov 30th, 2014

    Daddy, i miss you so much. I miss you everyday. I am so grateful that you were my dad. I miss your hugs and you telling me how much you loved me. i'm blessed that I was the one stroking your head as you passed to a better place. I know that you are watching me and don't like to see me sad, you never did. I'm sad because I have to adjust to my new normal without you on this earth with me. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I know how much you appreciated the little things in life, like the Christmas tree and just listening to me and ma talk. I loved your stories of the Korean war and how tough you were and what a good boxer you were. It always made me sad when I saw how you had to give up your favorite things like fishing and hunting, but the smile on yoiur face when I came to visit made me know that your true meaning in life didn't come from those activities, but from the love you had for your family. I feel like i lost one of my greatest "cheerleaders" in life. I know you are happy that we are taking good care of "ma". God makes NO mistakes, he gave me the best dad for me. I see so much of you in me. The holidays are tough, I can hardly bear to see your empty chair and I keep thinkng you will come around the corner when I visit ma. But i feel your presence always. I love you with my whole heart. I promise to be strong as I navigate my grief, because you were the strongest man I knew.. you can rest happily because you know Ed takes good care of me, but NOONE can ever take the place of your love. Until we all meet again, I will Never forget all the good you taught me and I will talk about you to Alec (he is so intrigued by you) and I feel your spirit in nature, the birds, and the animals . I love you with my whole heart. Thank you agin for helping me to become the best person I can be <3 Love you forever, Your "pumpkin" Paula

    - Paula Ventresca