Patient Services 

"Hospice went out of their way to support quality of life for my mom." 

Patient PhotoThe goal of hospice care is to help you live in comfort and with dignity, surrounded by the warm and supportive presence of loved ones. Hospice treats the person, not the disease and emphasizes quality rather than length of life.

Our professional health care team is specially trained to meet your needs and your family's needs. Niagara Hospice provides care to individuals with a life expectancy of approximately six months or less regardless of diagnosis, age, sex, race, religion or ability to pay. We're here for you and will help you live how you decide.

Hospice can help. Call us at (716) 439-4417.


Services are provided in the patient's or caregiver's home, in contracted nursing homes, assisted living facilities and adult homes, and in contracted hospitals.

The following is a summary of the patient services we offer.  Click on a service for more detail:

Spiritual Care

At Niagara Hospice, spiritual care focuses on the spiritual being, not religious affiliation. Spiritual care visits are available to both patients and families

Physical Care

The primary goals of hospice care are to alleviate the patient's physical pain, provide symptom control, and to support the patient's caregivers and physician.

Emotional Care

Hospice works with the patient and family to help alleviate the emotional stress that can be experienced during this very difficult time.

Complementary Therapies

Niagara Hospice offers art, massage and music therapies for patients who might benefit from the experience.


At the center of hospice care is the belief that everyone has the right to die pain-free and with dignity. The emotional and spiritual components of hospice care can be especially meaningful to veterans who often face issues near the end of life relating to their military experiences. Support is even more crucial for veterans who do not have a strong support network of family and friends.